“Actress Charlie Jhaye is somewhat of a "Jane-of-All-Trades"--she can sing, dance and even do stunts. Moreover, she is excellent with accents--despite being born and raised in Australia, Charlie’s Brooklyn jargon sounds authentic enough to fool native New Yorkers.”

-Meagan Meehan,

Erth's Dinosaur Zoo Live


“Show host Charlie Jhaye was incredible as she both educated and entertained not only the children, but the adults...she had a charm that captivated everyone as much as the dinosaurs themselves.”

-Dan Savoie, YQGRocks

Brownie and Lolli go to Hollywood


“Jhaye's comedic timing is spot on and I applaud her choice to not simply transform Lolli into a “dumb girl” stereotype.”

-Theresa Perkins, My Entertainment World


Fox on the Fairway

“Jhaye's "Mrs. Peabody" attempts a semblance of control on the out-of-hand situations by exuding sensual tension and experience while delivering some of the more delicious lines of dialogue.”

-Tony Curulla,

“Voluptuous blonde (Charlie Jhaye)’s skill in delivering well-timed gag lines certainly justifies her character’s existence, until the plot supplies a better hook for her.”

-James MacKillop, Syracuse New Times

“You don’t have to love golf to love the shenanigans going on in CRT’s production of "The Fox on the Fairway"...The players are all nimble and game for anything. Jhaye gets all the best hard-bitten, sarcastic bits, and being from Australia, does a very credible WASP.”

-Bryan VanCampen- Ithaca Journal

“...The action is amped up by sexy "Pamela Peabody," played by Charlie Jhaye...The audience leaped out of their seats to give the talented cast a standing ovation." 

-Cortland Standard

Women in Jeopardy

“I loved Mary/Jhaye, with her expressive face and pointy red glasses, and how she charged around the set purposefully. She preened every time she got attention from officer Kirk, and she was so cute.”

-Katie Keyser, Cortland Standard


UFO Weather

“Jonathan Wallace’s "UFO Weather" with Charlie Jhaye & Jennifer Tune is a well-acted and well-staged relationship play...a worthy watch.”

-Bob Greene, Outer-stage Journal